Link Labs Interface Library
External host library for using Link Lab's modules.
Data Fields
llabs_network_info_t Struct Reference

#include <ifc_struct_defs.h>

Data Fields

llabs_connect_status_t connection_status
int8_t gateway_channel
uint32_t gateway_frequency
uint64_t gateway_id
uint8_t is_scanning_gateways
uint32_t last_rx_tick
uint32_t network_id_gw
uint32_t network_id_node
int16_t rssi
int8_t snr

Field Documentation

llabs_connect_status_t connection_status
int8_t gateway_channel
uint32_t gateway_frequency
uint64_t gateway_id
uint8_t is_scanning_gateways
uint32_t last_rx_tick
uint32_t network_id_gw
uint32_t network_id_node
int16_t rssi
int8_t snr

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