Link Labs Interface Library
External host library for using Link Lab's modules.
Data Fields

#include <ll_ifc_ftp.h>

Data Fields

ll_ftp_callbacks_t cb
uint32_t file_id
uint32_t file_size
uint32_t file_version
bool is_processing
uint16_t num_segs
uint8_t retry_count
uint32_t rx_segs [NUM_RX_SEGS_BITMASK]
ll_ftp_state_t state
struct time time_last_msg
uint8_t tx_buf [LL_FTP_TX_BUF_SIZE]

Detailed Description

Symphony FTP object. A reference to an ll_ftp_t object is used as the context pointer.

Field Documentation

uint32_t file_id
uint32_t file_size
uint32_t file_version
bool is_processing
uint16_t num_segs
uint8_t retry_count
uint32_t rx_segs[NUM_RX_SEGS_BITMASK]
struct time time_last_msg
uint8_t tx_buf[LL_FTP_TX_BUF_SIZE]

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