Link Labs Interface Library
External host library for using Link Lab's modules.

Detailed Description

External host library which simplifies communication to an RF network using a Link Labs module.

This library runs on an external host which can be nearly any microcontroller or PC with a UART interface. The library is written in standard ANSI C (C89) which is supported by nearly every C compiler. In addition to the standard C library, the external host must implement a handful of functions. See HAL for the list of required functions.

Link Labs modules can support different modes of operation, and the external host can dynamically select the operating mode using ll_mac_mode_set(). The available operating modes are:

In addition to the functions unique to each operating mode, the API includes a number of common management functions. The Core API provides these common functions.


 Core functions and data structures used to communicate with the module across different MAC modes.
 The hardware abstraction layer (HAL) for ll_ifc.
 Perform low-level communication operations.
 Symphony Link
 Communicate with a Symphony Link network.
 Symphony Link File Transfer Protocol
 Symphony Link File Transfer Protocol. Symphony FTP handles the detials for transfering a file over a Symphony Link network.
 Symphony Utility Functions
 Symphony Utility Functions. These are probably useful.
 XModem File Transfer Protocol